Thirteen-year-old Dara Berger's world is shattered when she comes home to find her mother dead. Eighteen years later, she ends the silence surrounding her mother's suicide by directing and producing the highly anticipated documentary film, "A Secret Best Not Kept."

Dara Berger takes us on a journey through the far reaches of the human spirit, beginning with her own lifelong process of grief and acceptance to an exploration of how society views suicide. With Dara we meet family members who have lost a loved one, attempters who have tried to take their own lives, and the doctors who are trying to save them. She leads us through an inspiring movement of activism and advocacy devoted to changing public policy towards mental illness and improving resources for those in need of help. Whether at a candlelight memorial at the nation's capital, a 28-mile walk through the night, or meeting with members of congress, survivors of suicide show that passion and courage can triumph over the darkness of grief and loss. This is a journey of healing, learning, and hope.

From the powerful, inspiring stories of those who had the courage to speak,we see that suicide is indeed "A Secret Best Not Kept."